Anonymous asked:

Ok, so at my school they have these things called tiers and I'm in the top tier which is great and my life at school is so good, anyway my life when I get home just seems to go so downhill cause all my step family is moving in and I can't help but get really sad, like really really sad, am I depressed ? I don't cut or anything buy do you have to cut to be depressed, and also I always fancy these guys but somehow get friend zoned but if I'm considered hot at school why does this happen ?

justgirlythingsyoulove answered:

well you might be depressed at home. talk to your parents about it and maybe you guys could come up with a solution? and for the school thing, guys have their own taste in girls, if they dont like you, youll just have to move on sorry to say. buttt i hope everything works out for you! (: 

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